The Sunrise Valley

Gui Christ


Planaltina, Goiás, Brazil

During the new brazilian capital’s construction, the esoteric leader Neiva Zelaia moved to Brasilia and bought a small ranch in a valley to start a small esoteric community which according to her spiritual guides would light the humanity to a new era.

Based on this believe, Zelaia built a big religious complex mixing all those ancient civilizations’ aesthetics and symbols. From an Egyptian pyramid’s close to Hebrew 6 pointed start lake, or a huge Jesus Christ image in front to an Incan temple, a village grew around these esoteric structures and that mystical imaginary became part of its residents’ daily life.

Decades later, The Sunrise Valley turned into a 25.000 residents’ district where men driving mo-torcycles in Celtics wizard costumes or women holding Greek amazon’s spears while shopping are easily found in the streets, but also became a big spiritualistic doctrine with over 800.000 followers and 700 temples in Brazil, Europe and North-America.

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