Dialectic of the imaginary

giorgia tino

2018 - 2019

Rome, Latium, Italy

The truth is that I rarely follow a logical line. I usually prefer to follow my istinct and feelings, althoungh I Love to take care of lights and composition. I take photos because I feel the need to express myself and I don't know how to do it in other ways. I do it to feel free and to be alone, to screem what I am because my voice is too low and if I would do it using words, nobody would understand me. I take photos because when there is something in my life that makes me feel unstable or that I don't understand, I let that feeling come out through images.

I am naked in all the pictures, but you can only see littles pieces of me. I don't really know who I am, or sometimes I am afraid to be myself. And afterall, we are nothing other than what we choose to reveal to other people. So I will try to show myself through self-portraits.

That's me trying to start a new life.

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