Un-Daily Bread

Gregg Segal

2019 - Ongoing

Un-Daily Bread is in response to my earlier project, Daily Bread, which looked at what kids around the world eat in a week. I'd focused primarily on the impacts of globalization on diets around the world, but hadn't yet told the stories of those who aren't getting enough to eat. I collaborated with the United Nations Refugee Agency to bring awareness to the crisis of refugees fleeing Venezuela. I photographed mothers and children with the foods they ate and the things they carried from home on their journey to Bogotá. Most had nothing to eat and drink other than water, bread and junk food. Nathalia Rodriguez hadn't eaten an apple in more than three years because a single apple costs 5,000 Bolivias (about $500 US). With funding, I hope to continue telling the stories of refugees fleeing Syria, Sudan, and Myanmar.

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  • Un-Daily Bread, Nathalia, 2019

  • Un-Daily Bread, Michell, 2019

  • Un-Daily Bread, Arianna, 2019

  • Un-Daily Bread, Williams, 2019

  • Un-Daily Bread, Yosiahanny, 2019