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Intersection Vol.1
A Photo Exhibition Prize
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Thank you for having applied and supported this first edition, a new one is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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1st Prize

Two Times Mary

by Valeria Arendar

A solo exhibition at Fonderia 20.9 Including travel and accommodation to Verona and promotion on PhMuseum

General Info

Intersection - PHmuseum Exhibition Prize is the new proposal of PHmuseum aimed at giving visibility to authors while developing new connections between them and artistic institutions.

For this first edition, we will work in close collaboration with Fonderia 20.9, a dynamic Italian photography organization. Our respective teams will work together to select a project to exhibit in their gallery in Verona, Italy, in June 2021. A budget of 1000 euro will cover the production, curatorial, and travel expenses, while accommodation and food will be provided during your stay in Verona.

To apply, we invite you to submit one or more projects dealing with a specific theme, narrative, or concept. You can submit your first entry for free, while a £20 fee will be necessary for the following submissions. The final deadline is set for 15 December 2020 while the selected project will be announced in February 2021.

Our grants program is the main channel through which we discover new projects and generate connections. We hope that this initiative will represent another opportunity to share your work with an international audience, collaborate with our teams to present your project while developing new strategies of promotion, and make a relevant personal experience.

© Mariela Sancari Mariela Sancari

The sociological imagination that thinker Sousa Santos proposes is transformed into an image: to materialize the intangible and reconnect with the community of affections. The series Two Times Mary by Valeria Arendar was triggered by the forced exile of the artist's mother during the military dictatorship in Argentina in the 1970s. With this body of work, the artist revisits memories related to her family history, tracing the pain anchored in them and, in doing so, subverting the silences and omissions. Mariela Sancari, Photographer and Judge of Intersection Vol.1

© Co-founder Fonderia 20.9 Co-founder Fonderia 20.9

We are glad to host Valeria Arendar and her work in our gallery space. Among all the submissions, Two Times Mary was selected for the importance of the issue and the consistency of the artist's approach to the subject. Beyond this, we were eager to collaborate with a young-talented woman from Latin America and challenge our European audience with her practice. Francesco Biasi & Chiara Bandino, Co-founder Fonderia 20.9


A Solo Exhibition at Fonderia 20.9 /

A jury composed by Argentinian photographer Mariela Sancari, Fonderia 20.9 Co-Founders Chiara Bandino and Francesco Biasi, PHmuseum Director Giuseppe Oliverio and Curator Rocco Venezia will select a project to be exhibited in Verona, Italy in June 2021. Fonderia 20.9 will provide a budget of €1000 to cover exhibition and travel expenses. Additionally, PHmuseum will offer up to €500 if the prize recipient resides outside of EU. Food and accommodation will be further provided by Fonderia 20.9.