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PHmuseum 2020 Photography Grant FAQs

Do I retain full rights on my photographs?

Yes, you retain full copyright at all times. By applying you just grant us a license to publish your work in the Grant’s results page and for promotion of future editions of our grants program. In both cases, we will get in touch with you to check it’s all good and get a further approval on you end.

How many photos shall I upload?

You should upload a minimum of 8 photos and a maximum of 20 photos. At least 4 of them should have been shot after 1 January 2016.

What are the recommended photo dimensions and file sizes?

The maximum size allowed is 5MB, yet we recommend you upload lighter files yet in a good resolution, as our website is programmed to automatically compress the photo in order to make the navigation faster. As a reference, we suggest you to upload a file where the resolution is 72 dpi with at least 1000px on the shortest side, and weighting around 2MB in order to speed up the upload process.

Which are the allowed photos' format?

You can upload photos in JPG and PNG format. TIFF and other formats are currently not allowed.

How do I select the submission cover photo?

You can select the cover photo of your submission at the moment of uploading the photos of your submission. Please notice that the cover photo is horizontally oriented, as you can see from last years awarded projects.

What do you mean for "tags" and why do you ask for them?

Tags are just keywords about the project. If, for example, you are presenting a work about how climate change is impacting the arctic, you can insert tags like: climate change, arctic, environment, ice melting, etc… We ask for them in order to keep our archive more organized, especially if you wish to leave the submission in your profile after the Grant is over. It will be indeed easier for curators, photo editors, and other colleagues to find projects they are interested in.

What do you mean for text? How shall I prepare it?

The text shall be a description of your project in which you explain its concept/story and provide all the relevant information. There is no character limit, yet we recommend you to stay within 500 words. We also recommend you to explain briefly what the project is about in the first paragraph. Then develop the concept/story in the next 2-3-4 paragraphs, trying to be exhaustive yet clear and synthetic. The judges will review several projects per day, so helping their work will be an advantage for you.

Do I need model releases for my photos?

That passage of the T&C is necessary to point out that we are not liable in case one of the subjects portrayed in your work complains and/or even starts legal actions against us because he/she did not consent to that photo. For this reason, we will not ask for model releases, unless those kinds of situations arise. Bearing that in mind, please feel free to apply, unless you think there might be any risks in that sense. For more info, please read our platform Terms and Conditions.

How much is the entry fee?

For this edition, the entry fee is £20 (£16.7 + VAT) until 30 January at 11:59pm (GMT time) and £30 (£25 + VAT) until 20 February at 11:59pm (GMT time) or any extended deadline.

How can I pay the entry fee?

Currently, the accepted methods are Credit cards, Debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

How do I know my project was successfully submitted?

You will see a confirmation message just after completing the payment, and receive a confirmation email at the email address you signed up with. You will also see a confirmation message in your PhMuseum “My Feed” section and in the copy of your submission featured in PhMuseum profile.

Where can I download the invoice for my submission?

You can always download it from the link you will find in the submission confirmation email.

How many projects can I submit?

You can upload as many projects as you want, yet one at a time.

Do you allow diptics, triptics. or multiple images layouts?

Sure, you are welcome to upload diptychs, triptychs, and multiple images. The important thing is to respect the limit of 20 uploads/files per entry.

Can I edit my application after submission?

No, it is currently not allowed to edit an application after you have successfully paid the entry fee and received the submission confirmation email. For this reason, we recommend you to carefully review all the submission’s details, such as captions and photos order, before proceeding to payment.

What happens if I edit the project in my profile, after having submitted it to the Grant?

When you successfully complete your application, we store it in the judges’ review system. At the same time, we create a copy into your PhMuseum profile. You can edit the latter, yet those changes will not affect your Grant's submission.

Can I make my submission private?

Yes, you can. Once you have successfully submitted the project, you should go to the Stories section of your profile, and click the Edit button of the story you wish to make private. Once in edit more, you will be able to save it as draft (use the button in the top right corner). When the project is saved as draft, you will be the only one who could see it. You will also be able to update it and publish it again in a second moment, as any changes you made after having submitted a project to the grant will not affect the submission itself.

Are collaborative projects accepted?

Yes, collaborative projects are accepted. Just create a joint account and insert all the photographers names and surnames. If you have issues, drop us a line at support@phmuseum.com.

How do I recover my password?

In order to recover your password please:

  • - go to phmuseum.com
  • - click on the Log In button in the top right corner of the page
  • - click on "Forgot your password"
  • - go to your email account, open the email from PhMuseum and follow the guided process

Please notice that the Reset Password link expires after 60 minutes for security matters. If you do not click on the link you receive via email within an hour, you will need to ask for a new one.

Can I present a work already submitted to a previous edition?

Yes, the independent panel of judges has changed from the previous editions, and they will assign the prizes according to their own criteria. So you’re welcome to present again the same project.

Is the online payment procedure secure? Do you store any credit card details?

We do not take or store any payment details on our servers. Our payments are securely processed via Stripe, a widely recognized service through which we accept payments. Here you can learn more about their security procedures: https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe.

What shall I do if I can’t login to my account?

Please double check your email and password combination. If your browser automatically fills your username, please insert the email address associated to your account instead. Should you still have issues, drop us a line at support@phmuseum.com.

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