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7th edition

PhMuseum 2023 Women Photographers Grant

© Cédrine Scheidig


Main Prize

1st Prize
Les Mornes, Le Feu (The Dunes, The Fire) by Cédrine Scheidig

€5,000 plus a projection at Photo Vogue Festival 2023, and promotion on the PhMuseum channels.

2nd Prize
Ave Maria by Pretika Menon

€2,000 plus a projection at Photo Vogue Festival 2023, and promotion on the PhMuseum channels.

3rd Prize
London Burning by Polly Tootal

€1,000 plus a projection at Photo Vogue Festival 2023, and promotion on the PhMuseum channels.


Main Prize Honourable Mentions

Projections at Photo Vogue Festival 2023, and promotion on the PhMuseum channels.
Cédrine Scheidig’s Les Mornes, le Feu (The Dunes, the Fire) offers a renewed perspective to challenge the complexities of what constitutes an Afro-Caribbean identity today. Through the lens of a generation of young men practising rodeo in the French overseas islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, Scheidig skilfully weaves together fragments of urban landscapes, hybrid cultures, and new spaces, to offer a tender yet vibrant expression of how diasporic experiences and black masculinity are being re-shaped, her works convey a poetry to unravel the dominant narratives that have for so long prevailed.
Bindi Vora, Judge


New Generation Prize

1st Prize
¿Cómo Te Sientes Ahora? by Maria Montes Duran

€2,000 plus a projection at Photo Vogue Festival 2023, a remote consultancy, and promotion on the PhMuseum channels.


New Generation Prize Honourable Mentions

Projections at Photo Vogue Festival 2023, and promotion on the PhMuseum channels.
Maria Montes Duran began the creation of her project “¿Cómo te sientes ahora?” (How are you feeling now?) when she was just 18 years old. That was only two years ago. She approaches this incredibly strong series as if she’s been living for way over two decades. Her experience, knowledge and family pride is accomplished visually. It’s evident that she did many hours of research discovering her heritage, there was so much to learn about the importance of her culture which was reflected in multiple mediums. She used studio still life, documentary, projection, collage and even text to conceptualize such personal artwork. It’s a perfect collaboration of these different techniques that is most impressive, and makes Duran wise way beyond her years.”
Anna Goldwater Alexander, Judge


Solo Exhibition at PhMuseum Lab

Prize Recipient
Anatomy Of An Oyster by Rita Puig-Serra Costa

Selected by PhMuseum, the work will be exhibited at PhMuseum Lab in Bologna, Italy in springtime 2024.
The mother-of-pearl, which will in time become the pearl, begins to form when a foreign element is introduced into the oyster. This metaphor is at the core of Rita Puig Serra’s reflection on the abuse she suffered as a child. The work questions how trauma can embed in our bowels, and grow together with us; how difficult it is to understand, and to engage in the delicate operation to reveal it. The author does so splendidly. Her narrative is as poetic as sharp, associating detailed photographs of the removal of a pearl to archival images and self-portraits. Together they bring us into the physical and psychological dimensions of her personal experience, and communicate the importance of sharing, empathising and empowering - a further reason to exhibit the work in our space and continue the reflection with our audience.
Giuseppe Oliverio, Director of PhMuseum


Featured Interview on Vogue Italia

Prize Recipient
Constructing Eternity by Isabel Okoro

Selected by Alessia Glaviano (Head of Global PhotoVogue and Director PhotoVogue Festival). Featured interview on PhotoVogue in January 2024.


PhMuseum 2023 Women Photographers Grant

$11,000 in cash plus a solo show at PhMuseum Lab, screenings at Photo Vogue Festival, and more

The PhMuseum Women Photographers Grant, now in its 7th edition, aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography. Its mission is to support the growth of the new generations and promote stories narrated from a female perspective, while responding to the need to work for gender equality in the industry.

To participate, you are invited to submit one or more projects centred around a specific theme, narrative or concept. All approaches are welcome from classic to more experimental projects, and you can present more than one work. By applying you retain full copyright or your images at all times, and we’ll ask for your permission to share them on our social media channels.

The judging will happen between October and November with the shortlist to be announced just before Photo Vogue Festival. Thanks for considering this opportunity and good luck with your applications!


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Independent jury

  • Anna Goldwater Alexander

    Anna Goldwater Alexander

    Director of Photography at WIRED

  • Bindi Vora

    Bindi Vora

    Visual Artist and Curator at Autograph

  • Holly Roussell

    Holly Roussell

    Curator at UCCA & Guest Curator at Paris Photo Curiosa

  • Taous Dahmani

    © Lynn S.K

    Taous Dahmani

    Curator of Louis Roederer Discovery Award at Les Rencontres d’Arles & The Eyes Magazine Editor

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