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PhMuseum 2023
Photography Grant
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© Guanyu Xu


in cash prizes

plus 3 solo exhibitions, a residency program, and much more.

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    February 23

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General Info

The PhMuseum Photography Grant is an annual initiative that recognises the importance of photography and visual storytelling.

Over the years it has grown into a leading photography prize, with previous editions having awarded work by photographers like Max Pinckers, Poulomi Basu, Jacob Aue Sobol, Diana Markosian, and Tomas van Houtryve, among many others. Now in its 11th edition, the initiative is designed to support the production and promotion of visual projects through cash prizes, exhibitions at international festivals, a residency program, educational activities and exposure on online media.

The theme is open. All approaches are welcome, from traditional documentary photography to experimental ways of telling a story or sharing a concept. Applicants retain full image copyrights. You can see all the prizes and learn how to apply below, while you can check FAQs here. Thanks for considering this opportunity and best of luck with your applications!

© Rodrigo Pinheiro & Gal Marinelli Rodrigo Pinheiro & Gal Marinelli

Winning the PhMuseum Grant was a huge surprise and an injection of confidence, especially during the difficult times many artists were experiencing in Brazil. We had set that series aside for a while because of the pressure the current government is putting on minorities. Having received the award filled us with hope. We were also extremely happy to see how all the other awardees told relevant stories. Stories that should last and cannot be just an intermittent fad. Rodrigo Pinheiro & Gal Marinelli, 1st Prize Recipients, 2021 Edition


  • 1st Prize / $5,000
  • 2nd Prize / $2,000
  • 3rd Prize / $1,000

plus a projection at Verzasca Photo 2023, Jakarta International Photo Festival 2023, and PhMuseum Days 2023, plus promotion on the PhMuseum channels.

New Generation Prize / $2,000

plus a projection at Verzasca Photo 2023, Jakarta International Photo Festival 2023, and PhMuseum Days 2023, plus promotion on the PhMuseum channels.

An Exhibition
at Getxophoto /

Awarded by Maria Ptqk

Maria Ptqk, new head curator of Getxophoto, will select a project from all the submissions to be awarded an exhibition during the 17th edition of the festival which will be held in Getxo, Basque Country, Spain in June 2023. In addition to the show production, the winner will receive an artist fee of €400 and accommodation for 2 nights during the Opening Week.

A Solo Exhibition
at PhEST /

Awarded by PhEST’s Team

PhEST’s team will select a work from all the submissions to be granted a solo show during the 8th edition of the festival to be held in Monopoli, Italy in September 2023.

Residency Bursary
at Landskrona Foto /

Awarded by Jenny Nordquist

Landskrona Foto's Director Jenny Nordquist, will select a photographer from all the submissions to be awarded a place for the Landskrona Foto Residency. The program takes place for 6 weeks during the autumn of 2023 in Landskrona, Sweden. The artist in residency receives a grant of 15000 SEK (approximately €1500), travel expenses to and from the home country (economy only), an apartment in Landskrona, and an office space. The successful candidate will commit to producing a unique body of work within the residency period, we encourage all interested applicants to add a paragraph to their submission where they propose a project that relates to Landskrona.

A Solo Exhibition
at Fonderia 20.9 /

Awarded by Fonderia 20.9’s Team

Fonderia 20.9’s Curators Chiara Bandino and Francesco Biasi will select a project from all the submissions to be exhibit in their gallery in Verona, Italy, in 2023. The recipient will get an artist fee of €200, a budget of €800 euro to cover the exhibition production and travel expenses, while accommodation and food will be provided during the stay in Verona.

6 Free Online Portfolio Reviews from PhMuseum Education /

Assigned by the PhMuseum Team

Our team will select 6 photographers from all the applicants, who will be granted a 60-minute online portfolio review with a mentor of their choice from the PhMuseum Education.

Up to 9 Honorable Mentions and 40 Shortlisted Projects /

All the shortlisted works will be projected at Verzasca Photo 2023, Jakarta International Photo Festival 2023, and promoted on the PhMuseum channels.


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© Miraj Patel Miraj Patel

This grant is a great way to get feedback on your work. The judges are all experts on the various uses of the medium. Also the community around it is excellent. Applying allows you to have a deadline and stand behind what they made, which is what I find to be the biggest gift. Miraj Patel, 1st Prize Recipient, 2022 Photography Grant

© Marisol Mendez Marisol Mendez

Winning the under-30 prize helped me continue pursuing my long-term project Madre. The grant allowed me to financially support its realisation while the recognition motivated me to trust my instincts and keep nurturing my practice. It’s through this boost of confidence that I was able to widen my horizons and reach new audiences. Marisol Mendez, New Generation Prize Recipient, 2021 Edition



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