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PhMuseum Days 2022
Photo Festival Open Call
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© Agathe Kalfas & Mathias Benguigui

A sincere thanks to all the applicants and supporters of this edition!

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Solo show at PhMuseum Days 2022


by Ana Vallejo

Selected by the main Jury, the work is granted an individual exhibition at PhMuseum Days 2022. Including travel and accommodation to Bologna and promotion on PhMuseum.

Solo show at PhMuseum Days 2022

The Weight of the Word

by Piero Martinello & Piero Casentini

Selected by the main Jury, the work is granted an individual exhibition at PhMuseum Days 2022. Including travel and accommodation to Bologna and promotion on PhMuseum.

Solo show at PhMuseum Days 2022

Asphodel Songs

by Agathe Kalfas & Mathias Benguigui

Selected by the main Jury, the work is granted an individual exhibition at PhMuseum Days 2022. Including travel and accommodation to Bologna and promotion on PhMuseum.

Solo show at PhMuseum Days 2022

Good Hope

by Carla Liesching

Selected by PhMuseum Curatorial Team, the work is granted an individual exhibition at PhMuseum Days 2022. Including travel and accommodation to Bologna and promotion on PhMuseum.

Collective Show at PhMuseum Days 2022 /

These images will take part in the Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow collective installation, which is part of the official exhibition's program together with the festival's individual shows.


1st Prize

Poulomi Basu

What can stimulate more conversations, controversies and reflections than an image pretending to summarize the issues, trends and energy of a year? To your mobile devices and to the judges' opinion the difficult sentence.

"PhMuseum's Team will select around 200 images that will be published in a limited edition book. The publication will be the first one of a series of volumes that will be released on an annual basis with the aim of immortalize on paper the ephemeral images describing the phenomenon of the last few years."

Poulomi Basu, judge of the PHM 2018

© Poulomi Basu


© Ana Vallejo Ana Vallejo

Through visual interventions, Ana Vallejo's Work Neuromantic reveals intimate depictions that echo trauma while leaving the door open for healing and creative experimentation. I appreciate how personal experience, collection of data and scientific research can merge into creating a stimulating experience. Silvia Rosi, Judge, PhMuseum Days 2022 Open Call


Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

After the great success of the first edition, our International Photo Festival is back from 23 September to 2 October 2022 in Bologna, Italy. With this open call you can become part of it and claim your free daily pass to come to visit us.

The theme of this edition is Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow, meant as an occasion to reflect on the strong moment of change we are living. The eternal return of history; the need to live the present while recognizing the power of actions and how the future depends on our decisions today; the different points of view we share and the speculative interpretation of reality.

There are many angles to interpret this theme. This is why we invite you to send yours and join this open call that represents the main channel through which become part of our festival. We are selecting indeed at least 3 works for individual shows, up to 40 images for a collective installation, and up to 20 projects for the projections. Plus, as an applicant you can claim your free daily pass to attend the festival!

We look forward to reviewing your applications - together with a jury comprising photographers who were the protagonist of last year's edition - and to welcoming you to Bologna this September.

© Agathe Kalfas & Mathias Benguigui Agathe Kalfas & Mathias Benguigui

Mathias Benguigui’s and Agathe Kalfas’ “Asphodel Songs” puts into perspective different layers of migration on the Greek island of Lesbos, where mythology, history and contemporary meet. They take us on an intimate journey through the migrant struggles and stories, portraying them in the context of mythological places and events from the past, banishing time reference. Ligia Popławska, Judge, PhMuseum Days 2022 Open Call


3 Individual Exhibitions
at PhMuseum Days 2022 /

Assigned by the Main Jury

The panel composed of Silvia Rosi, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Ligia Popławska, and the PhMuseum Team will select at least 3 projects from all the submissions to be granted an individual exhibition within the main program of the festival. Each of the selected photographers will receive a production budget, plus travel and accomodation expenses to attend the main weekend on 22-25 September.

Eligible for the prize are complete or ongoing projects that interprete the theme of the festival, which is Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow.

A 40-Image Collective Show
at PhMuseum Days 2022 /

Assigned by the PhMuseum Team

PhMuseum Team's Director Giuseppe Oliverio and Curator Rocco Venezia will select up to 40 images for a collective installation that will challenge the main theme of the festival: Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow.

Eligible for this exhibition are both applicants presenting a structured body of work and those applying with a selection of images on the festival theme.

A Collective Projection
of 20 works /

Assigned by the PhMuseum Team

PhMuseum Team's Director Giuseppe Oliverio and Curator Rocco Venezia will select up to 20 projects among all of the submissions to take parte in a collective video projection that will be included in the festival's main program.

Free Daily Pass
to all the applicants /

We hope you will join us in a few months in Bologna! This is why we liked the idea to offer a free daily pass to all the open call participants. To claim it, you'll just need to present your work and confirm your attendance in a second moment.

© Piero Martinello & Piero Casentini Piero Martinello & Piero Casentini

The Weight of the Word by Piero Martinello & Piero Casentini is a well-crafted visual investigation that looks at Nazi-era doctors and their medical findings by combining archival photographs of the practitioners, their eponymous diseases, and original scientific illustrations. The work is as interesting from a historical point of view as relevant for the contemporary discussion on cancel culture, where medical objectivity is smartly used as the ground for a debate on morality and power. Giuseppe Oliverio, Judge, PhMuseum Days 2022 Open Call


  • Alejandro Chaskielberg

    Alejandro Chaskielberg



    Alejandro Chaskielberg is an independent photographer, videographer and teacher, who has established a worldwide reputation for his innovative vision and sensibility that crosses the boundaries between document and art. His working method is the “slow documentary”. He has lived in the islands of the Paraná River Delta for three years, far away from the city and inside the community of islanders, in order to his first book La Creciente, work that was awarded as Photographer of the Year at the Sony World Photography Awards in 2011.

    He has exhibited his work in many photographic festivals worldwide including Brighton Biennial curated by Martin Parr, Daegu Photo Biennial in South Korea and the Ballarat Photo Biennial in Australia. He has been one of the tutors of the First Latin American Masterclass organised by the World Press Photo and Master at the ISSP - International Summer School of Photography in Latvia. Chaskielberg is currently creating video installations and murals for theatre and opera, while also working as a cinematographer. Recently he gave his first TED talk at the prestigious Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.

  • Silvia Rosi

    Silvia Rosi



    Silvia Rosi is an artist who lives and works between London and Modena. She graduated from the London College of Communication (2016) with a BA in photography. Her work traces her own personal history, drawing on the Togolese heritage and the idea of origins. The theme is explored through self-portraits in which she plays her parents, narrating their experience of migration from Togo to Italy.

    Her work has been published, among others, by Foam and the British Journal of Photography and selected for international residencies such as YGBI Research Residency (Florence, 2021) and Thread Cultural Center and Residency (Sinthian, 2020). Her portraits have been awarded the Jerwood / Photoworks Awards and have been included in the BJP's Portrait of Britain (2020) project.

  • Ligia Popławska

    Ligia Popławska



    Ligia Popławska (Gdańsk, 1994) is a photographer and art historian who lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She graduated with MFA in photography from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2020) and a BA in Art History from the University of Gdańsk (2016). Her work focuses on the topics of environmental change and sensory ecology. She researches the parallels between senses, memory and emotional states, in the changing conditions of the (Post) Anthropocene.

    Ligia was awarded a solo exhibition at PhMuseum Days 2021 and won the Photography Prize funded by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (2020) for the best diploma. She was selected by FOMU Antwerp for .tiff 2022 - Emerging Belgian Photography and joined the Futures platform. She exhibited at FOMU (Antwerp), Photo Open Up (Padua), B-Part Gallery (Berlin), St. Vincents (Antwerp), among others. Ligia works as a photographer, she is also a photo editor of Intimate Structures photography magazine, and a guest professor teaching photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Department Jewellery Design & Gold- and silversmithing.

  • PhMuseum


    Curatorial Team


    Giuseppe Oliverio (Bologna, 1985) is an Italian cultural entrepreneur. In 2012 he launched, an international platform dedicated to contemporary photography He has been in the jury of international awards like Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward, Gomma Grant, United Photo Industry’s The Fence, San Jose Foto Award, and Happiness On the move. He regularly works as a portfolio reviewer at international festivals like Photo Vogue Festival, Unseen, and Visa pour l’Image, gives talks and writes for TIME magazine and L'Uomo Vogue. His first documentary, A Conscious Dream, has been selected to 12 film festivals and awarded the best documentary short at 2016 Manchester International Film Festival. Recently he opened the PhMuseum Lab, an exhibition and education venue in Bologna, Italy.

    Rocco Venezia (Bari, 1991) is a visual artist and works as a curator for PhMuseum. Venezia has exhibited his personal work in solo shows at VOID and JEST, while he was displayed in group exhibitions at Fondazione Fabbri, Capa Photography Center, ISSP Gallery and Gallery Image. His monograph Nekyia was published by Witty Books in 2017. In 2018 he has been one of the emerging artist of Parallel Platform. He has been nominated by VOID as one of the Futures Talents of 2021. Next to his personal practice, Venezia works as a curator and producer for PhMuseum since 2017 where he develops educational programs, the editorial line and the curatorial activities of the online community. Lately, he has worked on the concept and editing of the two books by PhMuseum - Familiar Stranger (2020) and Inside (2021) and has been the curator of photography during the PhMuseum Days 2021 International Photo Festival. He is one of the 3 co-founders of PhMuseum Lab.

© Carla Liesching Carla Liesching

Carla Liesching's Good Hope is a profound research that starts from the gardens and lands of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Mixing archive visual materials as tools of analysis she offers a critical deconstruction of White supremacist settler-colonialism in the present. Furthermore, by looking at this historic location, the place of her birth and today's centre of anti-colonial resistance movements, she ultimately put under question the very acts of looking and representation. Rocco Venezia, Judge, PhMuseum Days 2022 Open Call