PHmuseum Days 2021
Photo Festival Open Call
Submissions closed

© Alana Celii


3 Exhibitions at PHmuseum Days 2021

plus 15 works selected for a projection, and a free festival pass to all the applicants!

  • Deadline

    May 13

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A New Beginning

Yes, we are organizing an international photography festival! It's called PHmuseum Days, it will happen on 23-26 September 2021 in Bologna, Italy and we are inviting you to become part of it.

The PHmuseum Days 2021 will be the beginning of a new era for our project, characterised by a stronger sense of community and sharing. Photography intended as a universal language can be a powerful medium to transmit important messages, and our goal is to give life to the right platforms to display it. For this reason, after 9 years of online activities we decided to make the big step into the real world and offer our community also a physical playground to meet up, learn and exchange ideas.

The starting point of this initiative will be this open call whose theme is A New Beginning, which represents both the dawn of a new adventure for PHmuseum and, most importantly, an occasion to rethink together the decade that just started. Our aim is to select at least 2 works for individual shows, up to 40 images for a collective installation and up to 15 projects for the projections' night. Furthermore, all the applicants will be granted a free festival pass that we hope will be a good excuse to come over and enjoy a long weekend of photography and much more.

We look forward to seeing photographs related to the theme A New Beginning, and that challenge relevant topics such as collaboration, equality, sustainability, social justice, innovation and technology. All approaches are welcome from classic narratives to more experimental ways of shooting a project. Thank you for your consideration and support, we look forward to seeing your work and meeting you in a few months in Bologna!

© Starry Kong Starry Kong

The idea is each festival provided an opportunity to bring the work alive again and interrogate it again and again to reach new depths of meaning and narrative. This is always enriching for me as an authour — to discover new layers in my work that could only have been revealed through time and persistence. Laura El Tantawy, Judge, Documentary Photographer & Canon Ambassador


2 Individual Exhibitions
at PHmuseum Days 2021 /

Assigned by the Main Jury

A panel composed of Lua Ribeira, Giuseppe Oliverio, Laura El Tantawy and Rocco Venezia will select a minimum of 2 projects from all the submissions that will be exhibited individaully within the main program of the festival.

Each of the selected photographers will receive a production budget, an artist fee, plus travel and accomodation expenses to attend the main weekend on 23-26 September.

Eligible for the prize are complete or ongoing projects that challenge the theme of the festival: A New Beginning.

A 40-Image Collective Show
at PHmuseum Days 2021 /

Assigned by the Main Jury

A panel composed of Lua Ribeira, Giuseppe Oliverio, Laura El Tantawy and Rocco Venezia will select up to 40 images for a collective installation that will challenge the main theme of the festival: A New Beginning.

Eligible for this exhibition are both applicants presenting a structured body of work and those applying with a selection of images on the festival theme.

A Collective Projection
of 15 works /

Assigned by the PHmuseum Team

PHmuseum's Director Giuseppe Oliverio and Curator Rocco Venezia will select up to 15 projects among all of the submissions to compose the thematic video projection which will be presented during the festival's main screening night.

Free Festival Pass
to all the applicants /

We hope the conditions will allow us to see you all in a few months in Bologna, this is why we liked the idea to grant all the open call participants with a free festvial pass.



© Eleonora Strano Eleonora Strano

I look for projects that focus on relevant issues and challenge the viewers pre-concepts to stimulate constructive conversation. Projects that are worth sharing and supporting because they are characterized by strong ideas, and employ a coherent visual strategy to share their message. Giuseppe Oliverio, PHmuseum Founder and Director


The festival will be held at DumBO, a project of urban re-generation that is transforming a former railways deposit into a multifunctional space for the new generations.

Binario Centrale

Binario Centrale

Binario Centrale is DumBO's main pavilion, characterised by a post-industrial charm, which develops into a single hall overlooked by a large balcony: completely renovated, it will be the festival 1,600 sqm main hub.

The City Of Bologna

The City Of Bologna

Beyond the festival, the city of Bologna offers a great deal of places to visit and art venues. Our festival, for example, is 5 minute walking from MAMbo, the city modern art museum and not far from the PHmuseum Lab.

© Anabela Pinto Anabela Pinto

Participating in events like festivals has enabled me to present my practice to a wider audience while creating new professional connections with curators, editors and publishers. The process of exhibiting in several contexts has been important in further my research by re-considering my photographs in new and challenging environments. Rocco Venezia, Photographer and PHmuseum Curator



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