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This edition's theme is Inside

Home, Family and Community in a Historical Collective Moment.

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Select and upload photos from your mobile phone, Instagram account or laptop library.

  • Deadline

    11 June

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    Until 11 June

Let's create
a visual memory
of these days

Mobile devices are often the main vehicle through which we document our everyday life. Considering the current crisis, with this open call we are aiming to understand how this unprecedented situation is redefining the relationship with our home, family and community. Which are our own personal and collective feelings and expectations? Which are the defining values of this historical transition and how we can get out of it stronger and wiser? We are looking for images that can tell about these months and suggest our hope for the future. Images that together can define a collective memory and become an inspiration for the world after the crisis and the generation to come.

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Mobile Photos Of The Year /

What can stimulate more conversations, controversies and reflections than images pretending to summarise a moment and become somehow iconic? The judges will take care of this arduous task, assigning 3 main prizes and up to 9 mentions.

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1st Prize /€2,300
2nd Prize /€1,300
3rd Prize /€900
Up to 9 mentions

200 Images Photobook /

PHmuseum's Team will select up to 200 images that will be published in a limited edition photobook. The publication will be the second title of a series of volumes aimed at exploring mobile photography. Here you can see the first volume, published with images from last year's call.

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Collective Exhibition in Italy /

PHmuseum's Team will curate a collective exhibition at PHmuseum LAB in Bologna, Italy in January 2021 during ArteFiera, one of the most important art fairs in Europe. The event will be accompanied by the book presentation and a workshop on mobile photography.

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Collective Feature on BuzzFeed News /

Awarded by Kate Bubacz, Senior Photo Editor at BuzzFeed

Kate Bubacz, Senior Photo Editor at BuzzFeed, will handpick a selection of photographs from the open call to be published on BuzzFeed News, a global news organization providing original online reporting and video programming across Netflix, Facebook Watch, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

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3 Individual Features on GUP Magazine + Yearly Subscription /

Awarded by GUP Magazine Editorial Team

Since 2005, GUP Magazine aims to connect communities around contemporary art and documentary photography. Their Editorial Team will choose 3 photographers among all of the applicants who will be granted an online individual portfolio feature plus a yearly subscription to the printed magazine.

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3 Individual Features on Yogurt Magazine /

Awarded by Francesco Rombaldi, Editor in Chief

Yogurt Magazine is a visual arts magazine and curatorial platform focused on contemporary photography. Francesco Rombaldi, Luigi Cecconi and Yogurt editorial team will select 3 photographers from all the submissions to receive an online portfolio feature.

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Collective feature on How To Spend It /

Selected by How To Spend It Editorial Team

How To Spend It has been part of the Financial Times newspaper for more than 40 years and is now widely regarded as the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines. Rasha Kahil, Creative Director and Katie Webb, Photo Editor will feature a selection of photographs from the open call on the magazine's website and 100,000-follower Instagram account.

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5 Online Publications on C41 Magazine /

Awarded by C41

C41 Magazine will pick its 5 favourite photographers from the contest submissions and will write a dedicated article on their projects on the website.

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Online Exhibition on PHmuseum /

Together with the physical show in Italy and the book presentation, in January 2021 we will aslo present an online exhibition centred around this year’s theme: Inside. Here you can see the online exhibition made with images from last year's open call.

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Up to 60 finalists /

Each judge from the main panel will select 15 images that will be taken into consideration for the Mobile Photos of The Year. The images will have a dedicated announcement and promotion on PHmuseum's social media channels.

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What we did last year

This open call is meant to be inclusive and stimulate a reflection on how mobile photography is influencing the medium and becoming part of our everyday life. Join our collective project as many professional and amateur photographers did last year.

A collective exhibition in Bologna, Italy during art week

More than 400 people joined us for the opening of the show co-created and produced with Spazio Labo'. The show had more than 3,000 visitors and was accompanied by a book presentation with Erik Kessels and Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Vogue Italia).

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Our first book on mobile photography

Familiar Stranger is our first photobook on the subject, featuring 200 images from the 2019 open call. Self-published in January 2020 with original texts by Erik Kessels and PHmuseum Director's Giuseppe Oliverio, the volume is the first of a series. All the images of the current open call will be considered for the next volume, to be published in January 2021.

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© Sandra LazzariniSandra Lazzarini

In a time of unprecedented crisis, we are forced to re-think the relationship with ourselves and the Other, to grapple with fears, limits and ultimate existential concerns. I am hoping to see images that allow me to reflect on the sense of belonging to a family/community in a moment of isolation and the role played by camera phones in the communication of this collective experience. Francesca Marani, Judge and Photo Editor at Vogue Italia


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1 Image


Until 11 June

Upload 1 image to the open call


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Until 11 June

Upload up to 5 images to the open call


10 Images


Until 11 June

Upload up to 10 images to the open call

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© Massimiliano PuglieseMassimiliano Pugliese

Taking pictures with a smartphone has always been my attitude. It’s part of me, of my shy and impulsive way of doing things. However, the definition of “mobile photography” has always been a bit restrictive in my eyes: I don’t believe in categories but in intentions. I photograph with my smartphone out of necessity. It’s a narrative mode that is part of a deeply personal process, not a fashionable habit. When looking at photographs, I value the energy they convey, the story they reveal, whether it’s an impactful scene or a simple bucket on the floor. Piero Percoco, Judge and Photographer


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