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PhMuseum 2019
mobile photo prize

© Sofia Verzbolovskis

Thanks to all the applicants of this 1st edition

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Mobile Photo Of The Year /

Alberto Lara

Ready Flesh

"The disturbing and monumental self-portrait of Alberto Lara is a definite winner of the competition. Not only does it shine in its aesthetics, but above all, it has a surreal character. Again, this is an image that makes you slightly uncomfortable looking at it. An absolute must in a time when we’re constantly surrounded by images." Erik Kessels

"This self-portrait is a great mobile photo of the year because it proves the emotional power of mobile photography; it is one moment, one idea, one colour, and one expression synthetised in an image that presents the new generations and their identity changes and transitions in a powerful and simple way. Colour, composition, expression, originality, self-questioning, doubt, affirmation, courage… all coexist in this intimate self-portrait, a contemporary reflection on a changing definition of the self." Marcelo Brodsky

"The raw, unnatural color of the flesh, the cryptic stare, the prone, awkward position, the indecipherable setting, everything in Alberto Lara's compelling portrait asks you to keep on looking - or to just surrender to its magnetic charm." Chiara Bardelli Nonino

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(Self) Portrait /

From the first uses in sculptures and paintings to modern selfies, the evolution of representing ourselves coincided with the evolution of the techniques and technologies used. The portrait and the self-portrait as a means of investigating and reflecting on ourselves.

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#Love /

It was the most used hashtag on Instagram in 2018, with an all-time count of 1.5 billion posts. The concept will be analysed in its broadest meanings, trying to answer a simple yet non-banal question: what is love in the age of social media?

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Wanderlust /

The idea of travelling, images of landscape, people and animals. Photos that represent vacations and visits to faraway places, but also the concept of travelling from a metaphorical point of view. The mobile phone has become the main tool for telling and representing our innate desire for exploration and escape.

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Documentary /

The constant presence of the mobile phone in our daily lives, its simplicity of use, and its discretion have made the phone one of the most widespread tools to tell not only personal moments but also collective stories and daily news.

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Fashion /

Social media and fashion have influenced each other's growths. Nowadays fashion houses guide users' habits and customs, but it is also ordinary people with their "social" shots that affect the the way brands communicate. Where do we stand after more than 10 years of digital interaction?

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5 Photographers Featured on TSV_ZINE /

Awarded by The Smart View

Rosa Roth, Founder & Editor​ of​ The Smart View​​ ​selected 5 images from all the submissions to be published ​in​ TSV_ZINE Edition​ ​Issue n°4, a new printed photo zine which will be released in September 2019.

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3 Online Publications on GUP Magazine + Yearly Subscription /

Awarded by GUP Magazine Editorial Team

GUP Magazine Editorial Team have chosen 3 photographers from all the submissions to receive an online portfolio feature plus a yearly subscription to their printed magazine.

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200 Images Photo Book /

PhMuseum's Team will select around 200 images that will be published in a limited edition book. The publication will be the first one of a series of volumes that will be released on an annual basis with the aim of immortalize on paper the ephemeral images describing the phenomenon of the last few years.

Winners announced! See all the results and order your copy.

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Collective Exhibition in Italy /

PhMuseum and Spazio Labo’ teams will curate a solo show with a selection of images handpicked among all the submissions. The exhibition will be held at Spazio Labo’ gallery in Bologna, Italy in January 2020 during ArteFiera, one of the most important art fairs in Europe.

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1st Prize

Poulomi Basu

What can stimulate more conversations, controversies and reflections than an image pretending to summarize the issues, trends and energy of a year? To your mobile devices and to the judges' opinion the difficult sentence.

"PhMuseum's Team will select around 200 images that will be published in a limited edition book. The publication will be the first one of a series of volumes that will be released on an annual basis with the aim of immortalize on paper the ephemeral images describing the phenomenon of the last few years."

Poulomi Basu, judge of the PHM 2018

© Poulomi Basu


© Hiro Tanaka Hiro Tanaka

Mobile photography or the possibility of communicating with each other with images - of sending images instead of words to each other - marks a fundamental change in contemporary language. Language will never be the same after the violent irruption of photography as a central component in every day human communications. Marcelo Brodsky, Judge


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© Mitikafe Mitikafe

Mobile photography continues to grow and develop at a phenomenal rate and has changed the way we take, make and display photographs in the modern age. It's an exciting moment in the history of photography. For this competition, I'll be looking for creativity, originality and emotion. I enjoy viewing images that allow me to connect on an emotional level as well as those that are simply beautifully and artfully created. Caroline Hunter, Judge