PHmuseum 2019
Women Photographers Grant
Opening 3 September

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in cash prizes

plus 3 publications on Vogue Italia, a solo show at Fotografia Europea and much more

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    3 September

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    £18 Until 31 January

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General info

The PHmuseum 2019 Women Photographers Grant, now in its 3rd edition, aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography. Its mission is to support the growth of the new generations and promote stories narrated from a female perspective, while responding to the need to work for gender equality in the industry. To participate, you are invited to submit one or more projects centred around a specific theme, narrative or concept.

We respect our Photographers' rights. You retain full copyright at all times.

I'm interested in seeing how people tell or relate old stories in a new and more contemporary way. If some issues never disappear, we have to re-interpret how we tell them so people will pay attention and not feel as though they are seeing the same photos again and again. If our photos are to do their jobs, they have to look at the old world in a new way. Margaret Steber, Judge

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  • 1st Prize / £5,000
  • 2nd Prize / £2,000
  • 3rd Prize / £1,000

plus a projection at Photo Vogue Festival 2019, and promotion on the PHmuseum channels

New Generation Prize / £2,000

For photographers under 30 only

plus a nomination for the World Press Photo 2020 Joop Swart Masterclass a projection at Photo Vogue Festival 2019, and promotion on the PHmuseum channels.

3 Publications
on Vogue Italia /

Awarded by Vogue Italia Photo Editors

Alessia Glaviano, Chiara Bardelli Nonino and Francesca Marani will each select one work from all the submissions to be published online on Vogue Italia.

A Solo Exhibition
at Fotografia Europea /

Awarded by the Fotografia Europea Artistic Director

Selected by Fotografia Europea's Artistic Director, a project among all the submission will be granted a solo show during the next edition of the festival to be held in Reggio Emilia, Italy from April to May 2020.

3 Publications
on YET Magazine /

Awarded by the PHmuseum Team

Giuseppe Oliverio and Rocco Venezia from PHmuseum will select 3 projects among all of the submissions that will be published on YET Magazine.

Up to 9 Honorable Mentions
and 35 Shortlisted Projects /

The judges will select up to 35 shortlisted projects that will compete for all main prizes and honourable mentions. All shortlisted works will be projected at Photo Vogue Festival 2019, and promoted on the PHmuseum channels.


I am hoping to find stories that were never shared or stories that were shared thousands of times but from a new point of view. Angélica Dass, Judge

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How to participate

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    Simply click on Apply Now to start your submission and follow the guided process. You will be asked to create an account or login.

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    your work

    Upload between 8 and 20 photos. At least 4 of them must have been shot after 1 January, 2016. Images shall be in JPG or PNG format and not weight more than 10MB each. The ideal resolution is 72 dpi with at least 1000px on the shortest side. You can present more than a project, but they must be submitted one at a time.

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    and submit

    Check all the info and submit your project, being aware that you will not be able to modify it after submission. The judges will review all entries, with winners to be announced in November 2019. To submit another project simply click again on Apply Now.

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1st, 2nd, 3rd PrizeNew Generation PrizeUp to 9 Honorable mentions25-35 ShortlistedEvery entrant
£10,000 in cash prizes
International Press Exposure
Projections At Photo Vogue Festival 2019
Curator's Pick Account on PHmuseum
20% Discount on PHmuseum Education Bookings (until 10 November 2019)
Consideration for PHmuseum Online Exhibitions and News Features
Consideration for PHmuseum Instagram Takeovers
Exposure to PHmuseum Audience
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Submission judged by our international jury
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