The Heal is Real

Grace Hoyle

2019 - Ongoing

Mexico City, Mexico; Mexico

Breast implants are medical devices implanted under breast tissue of under chest muscle to augment breast size or rebuild the breast after a mastectomy or other damage, the FDA says. A growing online community with thousands of women sharing concerns about breast implant illness has created a strong movement of women claiming several symptoms related to breast implants making them toxic for the body. This illness is not recognized as a medical condition as of yet, however, in September 2018, one of the largest studies published shows breast implants are associated with rare diseases, autoimmune disorders and other serious health problems. Unfortunately, many doctors, plastic surgeons or the community are not helping in identifying breast implant illness. Most say women suffering these symptoms are “all in their head” or mainly depressed. Symptoms include fatigue, chest pain, memory loss or memory fog, hair loss, headaches, chills, vertigo, chronic pain, rash, sleep disturbance, depression, inflammation, blurred vision, amongst others. Currently, there is no test for breast implant illness, personal experience is the foundation of this movement. Personal wisdom, intuition and a community of women with the same symptoms are sharing their experience and sharing the knowledge of breast implant illness. These women declare that for proper healing the solution is to explant (extract implants from their bodies properly).

“The Heal is Real” is a visual research of my personal journey with breast implant illness. Not recognized by society or my family about this illness, I choose to have my implant devices removed, as well as the adjoining body tissue called “capsules” that naturally form around implants, for proper recovery. This work gives voice to the growing community of women who are not seen ill. Is breast implant illness a psychological effect, or are the benefits of explanting placebo? This is the first chapter of a visual research that questions medical institutions and personal intuition. Are women in today’s society joining forces to reshape misconceptions on the female body?

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