Bigger Problems

Grace Hoyle

2019 - Ongoing

During the 19th century, hysteria was studied and diagnosed particularly in women. Hysteria remained on a line between real and imagined illnesses. It is this limit that still remains in a turbulent place in medicine, particularly towards women. Although hysteria is no longer considered a real disease today but some medical and ideological believes about the feminine behind it provide us with knowledge in the way some diseases are diagnosed in the present.

Bigger Problems is an allegorical passage about my relationship with my body for having had breast implants. This visual journey starts from the understanding of a disease caused by implants known as breast implant disease. Not recognized by society or my close family about this disease, I chose have an explant as well as the body tissue that forms naturally around breast implants to free myself from this disease. This project uses the body as voice where reformulations of the female body are rehearsed, using intuition as a path to personal healing in a performative manner. From this approach, associations with the hysteria of hundreds of years ago and my contemporaries are generated, exposing the difficulties that arise after undergoing surgery and giving voice to the female body who was made invisible by a medical community and our global society.

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