Gabriele Onere

2020 - Ongoing

There is a rather common condition of dissatisfaction that leads the human being to

moving from their home country, seeking serenity and satisfaction elsewhere.

This kind of situation often borders on the definitive open-mindedness towards new experiences and the rejection of one's own origins. It leads the individual to an emotional detachment that, at the moment of return, destabilizes the inner balance he has found by moving away.

This project comes after a long period of incompatibility, separation, disappointment,

reflection, confession, understanding and acceptance of the place where I was born and lived, Trentino.

Instinct takes power in a moment of need: when my eyesight is clouded and my hearing muffled. He wants to put order where reason cannot come. Therefore, a completely uncontrolled curiosity was born in rediscovering places, customs and peculiarities that belong to this region, which have resurfaced naturally after two years of total absence.

I decided to rediscover this rural, closed, autonomous place.

This work is not a research, I would define it more as a drive, born out of the need to represent a place in an objective way and at the same time conditioned by one's memories.

I decided to travel to my home, where I was born, where I left, where the wounds remained open.

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