New Light Images

Gary Justis

2018 - Ongoing

New Light Images

I begin making these photographs with my digital camera capturing unusual light projections on a flat, white surface. In the process I use a variety of light sources. As I manipulate those sources, the projected images might suggest life forms, objects and peculiar structures. After I have taken digital pictures of scores of projected images, my editing process begins and I save only the digital picture files I find interesting. I try to locate and record unfamiliar subjects that lie on the edge between still visual order and material displacement. I strive to confront the viewer with an image that is wholly unfamiliar. With some of the edited images, I apply parts from other pictures of light projections using Photoshop technology, yet all of the final images originate with real-time light projections.

This experimental exploration gives me glimpses into a new visual order where my subjects might yield images that suggest they have their origins outside our conscious awareness. Some images yield depictions of objects, structures and events, all seeming to have a transitory existence where the physical spaces that contain them express a vastness beyond the limits of the photo’s edges. Still, some of the subjects in the final photographs have a sentient quality and in a way, I feel I’m depicting a form of consciousness that is dissimilar to our symbolic visual order of things.

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  • Below

  • 2nd Distal Splainer

  • Unknown thing

  • Reason

  • Casendra

  • Below #5

  • Vasculum

  • Strange Magic

  • Olvus Oculus

  • The Mountain

  • Origin of Sleeplessness

  • Lawless

  • Beautiful Seed Bed

  • Deerstat Horizon

  • 71st Poline

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