At Table

Glenna Jennings

2004 - 2019

Mexico; Canada; England, United Kingdom; Serbia; China; Geneva, Switzerland; Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia; Nanjing, Jiangsu, China; San Diego, California, United States; Dayton, Ohio, United States; Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico; Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico; Utah, United States; Ohio, United States; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Liverpool, England, United Kingdom; London, England, United Kingdom; California, United States

At Table (2004-2019) is a series of photographs that document everyday spaces of expression and connection – dining rooms, kitchen tables, restaurants, bars and coffee tables to which I have been invited. In locations including the USA, Mexico, Canada, China and Europe, I use my lens to navigate and document from a perspective that is local in depth but global in breadth. I have collected thousands of moments that capture friends, family and erstwhile strangers sharing time around food, drink and culinary happenings. My “tablescapes” offer subtle moments of drama and humor in which gestures, expressions and objects combine to perform as both cultural artifacts and personal memories. I see the table as a space that can often transcend cultural barriers to become a place for authentic interaction. While the surface qualities that connect the photographs are largely formal – bold colors, exaggerated facial expressions, the messy contingency of plates and bottles and condiments - the series arose from a desire to document my family and forge relationships outside the familial. For an only child, these photographs have come to represent moments shared with an extended family that defies traditional definition. On a broader level, the work offers a unique perspective on everyday moments shared by multiple cultures while also addressing how photographs may function in the realm of history and memory. Ultimately, this imagery aims to connect, rather than solely critique, aspects of the human condition that collide and converge in a familiar, everyday place – the table.

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  • At Table #98 (London, England)

  • At Table #61 (Troy, Ohio)

  • At Table #3 (La Mesa, California)

  • At Table #122 (Ensenada, Mexico)

  • At Table #2 (West Hollywood, California)

  • At Table #27 (Jiangsu, China)

  • At Table #14 (Zrenjanin, Serbia)

  • At Table #77 (Dayton, Ohio)

  • At Table #118 (Ogden, Utah)

  • At Table #66 (Nanjing, China)

  • At Table #13 (San Diego, California)

  • At Table #110 (Toronto, Canada)

  • At Table #40 (Sarawak, Malaysia)

  • At Table #202 (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico)

  • At Table #133 (Dayton, Ohio)

  • At Table #205 (Liverpool, England)

  • At Table #122 (Geneva, Switzerland)

  • At Table #110 (Ensenada, Mexico)

  • At Table #110 (Yangshuo, China)

  • At Table #119 (Dayton, Ohio)