The Holy Wigs - Jerusalem Drag Queens

Giuliano Camarda

2010 - 2012

The mikveh is the only gay bar in Jerusalem, where Orthodox Jews, Arabs, gays, lesbians and heterosexuals find refuge in a small paradise without ethnic distinction, and gender prejudices, free to express themselves for what they are. The drag queens are the protagonists, every Monday night, for a few hours, they make the audience forget all that is outside of this small club. In these last years they've become a real tradition.

The unique thing of this little club, is that it collects all kinds of people - Orthodox Jews, Palestinians, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, all together.

In addition, on Monday night during the drag show there are also many heterosexuals.

The music played is the traditional American pop - Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc..

Between the audience there are real fanatics, who never lost a show for years.

The club is located in West Jerusalem, a few steps from Jaffa st. and the old town.

So far there have been no problems since it was launched this last administration, in November 2011.

In the past administrations, when the club was called "Shushan" has undergone several firing attacks.

and threats to the owners, but 2005 was a different era in Jerusalem.

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  • Tal Kallai, behind the stage of the Mikveh bar in Jerusalem, the only gay bar of the Holy city. Every monday night Tal performs as a drag queen named "Talula Bonet" in a unique show that collects all kind of audience: Orthodox Jews, Palestinians, lesbians, gays, transgenders all together.
    Tal was born in a kibbutz ner Beer Sheva and moved to Tel Aviv to follow his dream of becoming a star. He works also as an actor for theatre shows and tv