Published on 5th May 2017


  • The gas supply tubes run along the houses built near the steel factories of Charleroi.

  • In this gym many youngsters practise kick boxing.

  • Belgium reached the quarter-finals of the last World Cup.

  • Mr Etienne and his son have a Second World War armored tank in their garden near Mons.

  • A typical skyline in Montignies-sur-Sambre.

  • A dummy for kickbox training.

  • A man waiting fot his wife outside the supermarket.

  • The daily rations of drugs for the asylum's patients.

  • A woman in a psychiatric asylum and elderly home.

  • My cousin agreed to be photographed while having sex with a girl in his friend’s car.

  • Montigny-le-Tilleul, one of the richest neighborhoods of Charleroi.

  • This woman sodomizes men in her apartment.

  • Urban landscape in Marchienne au Pont.

  • Cedric in his garden in Marchienne au Pont.

  • A street in Montignies-sur-Sambre.

  • Philippe in his beautiful house in Marchienne au Pont.

  • Working out in a playground in Montignies-sur-Sambre.

  • A street view in Montignies-sur-Sambre.

  • The husband of this couple was mowing the lawn.

  • Spontaneous vegetation eats an old quarry.

  • This old airplane, parked close to the Ring of Charleroi, houses a discoteque.

  • Friends hanging out in Goutroux.

  • In a garage.

  • Walking home in Goutroux.

  • A car parking close to the train station; in the background one of artificial mountains, made by the coal mine waste that surround the city.

  • One of a thousand police officers of Charleroi.

  • Police officers charging the hooligans. In Charleroi the highest building is the police station which is 75m high.

  • A steet view of Marcinelle by night.

  • Vadim, a painter who uses live models, creates a work inspired by an existing painting in his studio in Molenbeek.

  • Magali likes to be photographed by her husband on improvised sets.

  • J keeps his gun hidden in a box in the woods.


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