Preja Büia

Giacomo Infantino

2020 - Ongoing

Italy; Milano, Lombardy, Italy; Switzerland; Umbria, Italy

Preja Büia


Preja Büja is an open research along different geographical areas such the pre-Alpine area of Northern Italy, Switzerland (Canton of Ticino) and the Umbrian territory. Through a fascination for myth and the connection between human beings and landscape, the research rework different concepts as the signifier of the natural, the border territories, the ephemeral relationship between places with a prehistoric heritage.

The work establishes a dialogue between the unconscious and the suggestion of the individual and it’s configured through a broad and multifaceted dimension, creating interstices of meaning, survivals suitable for the cosmogonic exploration of myth, of fable, between the archaic and the contemporary.

Preja Büia is the name of an erratic boulder located in the province of Varese. Thanks to this mystical object it’s possible to read and understand this ancient territory, creating a dualism between the coexistence of an anthropized nature and an uncontaminated one; fascination meets the correspondence between the parts, creating a new dialogic language for the creation of new myths, new stylistic features, flexible and totally fluid converging in an embrace between objectivity and inner thought. Reinterpreting the myth today becomes a compass for not getting lost in a chaotic and neuralgic present. It can be a new beginning towards a sharp re-reading of the human being in a land that does not belong to him.

Through a dreamy perspective, informal investigations and site specific light installations I wanted to return a hypothetical other dimension of the landscape itself that’s able to detach itself from a structural logic; at the same time it’s capable to shape it through the fusion of characteristic elements like decomposable cultural aspects, already assimilated but strongly changeable, of what constitutes today the sense of inhabiting a place, experiencing it, living it.

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