Words Left Unspoken

Gillian Hyland

2015 - Ongoing

This series of images explore the inner emotional landscapes of our personal relationships.

These staged narratives aim to visually express our hidden vulnerability, fear and loneliness in our daily lives, they look at the way we seek to suppress and confirm to societies ideals of loving families and partners by keeping our feelings hidden.

Our past experiences live and breathe in the present through our current dynamics with people, they'll follows us into the future unless we face and question them.

Time passes but our desire to be truly accepted and seen by others transcends cultures, and these core emotions are seen globally.

I'm interested to what shapes us, and telling the stories that got us here.

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  • Make A Wish

  • Look Away

  • No Goodbye

  • Radio Silence

  • Too much, too soon

  • The Unseen

  • Waiting

  • Desire

  • Tea Break

  • Drifting

  • To dream something true

  • Unforgiven

  • When we have sufficiently tortured each other

  • Now & Forever

  • Eyes Shut

  • I'll miss you till I'm old