Now Rome is all yours


2020 - 2021

Rome, Latium, Italy

Photography that evokes the past and makes it eternal, without time boundaries. The photography that assigns power, like the subjective one, the personal vision of a utopian desire drawn among the stars: Rome as a still, timeless scenario. In these photos it is as if my mother had stopped the hands of time. It doesn't matter if it was 30 or 50 years ago; the future is not even imagined, time is now a firm line.

Photography evokes her in these candid poses that I brought back to life by tracing them in my own way, as with a hypothetical felt-tip pen, drawing comments and props on them. Therefore, the photo is not from a psychological point of view an immutable image but being an evocative medium of old and new mental images, thoughts, sensations and emotions that we can appreciate or despise, taste or detest, the photo has the ability to stimulate our psyche to the psycho-sensory-motor re-elaboration of a lived experience, re-associating it in a more functional way for therapeutic purposes as if to heal from the suffering of loss, to imagine a new existence of the loved one.

So it is to tell you, Mom, that I photographed you another time, bypassing time and also being with you there, here or anywhere.

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