Macuro, Venezuela. 500 years of history after the first step on the American mainland.

Gabriela Carrera Marquis

2009 - 2017

My project is based in this very small location that now days it is completely forgotten from the rest of the country, being the first place where Cristobal Colon landed in America mainland, this village is very apart of the rest of the country and the continent, the only way to get there is by sea, and is this what brings a great variety of situation that has spoiled the people that has stayed there, this, because is the only place for them to live and the enormous living difficulties they have.

I have visited Macuro because there is a project of Marine Turtle conservation and this has given me the opportunity to get in contact with them, the latest visits where on 2009 and 2017 the photos that I am presenting are from July 2017.

For me the opportunity to continue this project would give me more time to get closer to this families a get to know them deeper and capture how they have survived and endure what has being happening in Venezuela during all these 20 years.

There is a potential risk that has to be managed very carefully and is the control of the military force, the drug dealers and traffickers that some how have taken the control of the town.

Geographically is a very beautiful place, the mountains, rivers and coast makes this a very special place, and this is completely inexplicable way this region has not being developed even that is a National Park.

This opportunity will bring me the support to stay longer and being able to develop my project with more deepness with each person I have met and the way of living of this community.

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