Meno Umani

Giorgia Bisanti

2020 - 2021


The whole of humanity is experiencing an era of extreme fragility.

Suddenly, our relationships have been unsettled, endangered, suspended in a perpetual expectation.

They changed shape adapting to a slow and muffled reality, no longer frenetic and vivid in its form.

This duality is reflected in these images where the recent present becomes a memory and the memory is comforting nostalgia, where absence struggles with presence, where the strength of the bonds is challenged by another type of invisible force.

These ambivalences are difficult to understand, yet intrinsic by now in the sense of life. The need to adapt the change, to a time that has expanded, to a new identity that each of us is rebuilding, has given rise to a new way of knowing the other. In this story, fear, joy, tenderness, pain, anguish, love, suspicion, helplessness, and strength coexist. A sentence from the Buddha says that change is the constant of life, and in this way, every change is always the beginning of something new.

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