The dream is always the same

Gianluca Attoli

2019 - Ongoing

Monza, Lombardy, Italy

This series of shots is somehow a “spin-off” of my main ongoing project “Suburban Base”. The presence of a strong atmospheric element is the common trait here - strong enough to deserve a proper separate gallery. Fog, mist, snow, powerfully pictorial skyscapes: all of these aspects, individually or combined, make the main subject(s) "recede" for a moment, letting the mood and the atmosphere become the main and most immediate features of each shot. There's a strange, strong feeling of comfort, bliss and uneasiness when you stand right in the middle of a foggy nowhere, or in front of a frighteningly silent stormy sky. The abstraction and decontextualization of places and elements makes them look even more anonymous, unidentified and generic than they would be in clear view, to the point of reaching a hazy, surreal lack of visual references. You seem to physically experience a feeling of suspension and estrangement, everything looks unfamiliar and dreamlike. And just as in a daydream (hence the title), conscience and subconscious meet and mix up- both for me, when I am there taking my shots, and for the viewer watching the images afterwards.

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