Virtual Insanity: Inside Life Of Pro-Gamers

By Hafitz Maulana

For the last five years, e-Sport or virtual sport has rapidly grown in Indonesia. Digital revolution has diverted the citizen lifestyle, especially Generation Z. An independent research by in 2018 reported that for Generation Z to become a professional gamer as the dream job has reached second rank (14.3%) after doctor (15.1%)

The number of gamers from Generation Z is increasing, affected by internet access, the fast-growing e-Sport management companies, and the development of mobile games in gadgets, which enable gamers to play unrestricted by console-based game types.

The virtual sport requires pro gamers to play all-out in order to win the tournament. When the management for these pro gamers coaching is bad, it can lead to mental state problem and missing the sense of orientation and space.

The digital revolution can switch a generation’s orientation of dreams. Technology is in vast moving breaking through virtual walls that are now become a living source. However, human in substantial is creature in-play (homo ludens) to create living space.