By Stefano Canto

Epoca n. 731, 736 – a title referencing the homonymous magazine published in Italy between the 1950 and the 1997 – features a series of ten cement sculptures. This body of work combines the printing process with photography, sculpture with architecture; all elements central to Stefano Cant’s research.

Epoca n. 731, 736 is an archival action: the use of original images from the magazine brings it back life, fixing its contents forever on the cement. Canto explores the printing process and focuses his attention on the act of absorption and transfer of information from one body to another.

The result is somewhat of a de-codification of the visual information from the original to the copy. The landscape appears empty and not all the colours are transferred; leaving only the structure of the four standard printing colours - the heart of the image – to seep through. The ink read by the cement dust creates a fragile coating, giving at the image a dim, transient and sandy aesthetic; one that looks like it could be blown away by a light breeze.