Appel du vide [On the Edge]

Gaia Vettori

2018 - Ongoing

Appel du vide [On the Edge]

Abyss as a black hole, an immense distance, as an unreachable netherworld.

This series is composed (so far) by 15 portraits of young adults, aged between 21 and 25 years old.

I asked them not to look at me, at my camera: I wanted their gaze to be lost, as they were staring into the Void, yet not everyone wanted to do that.

Void as a call, as a state of mind of young adults approaching to adult age: are they scared? Are they anxious? Or everything is just passing them by?

Can we figure it out by looking at these pictures?

I don't want to give and answer: I just want people to be attracted by this uncanny series of elusive gazes, as they were a declaration of young adults' complexity, facing a future that could be so dangerously dark or sparkling bright.

They have not fallen yet: they're just on the edge.


These images were taken during a period of time of almost six months, with a T/S lens, tripod, manual focus: I tried to control meticulously colors, light and focus in order to have pictures that could match my idea.


The work is in progress and aspiring to be a large collection of uncanny visions of young adults.

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