Olim Palus : a new city

Gabriele Rossi

The 18th of December 1932 is Littoria's date of birth, the town that everybody knows with the name of Latina. Eighty one years ago this December, the city was founded by the will of Benito Mussolini, after a very important work of drainage of the Agro Pontino.

The Agro's pioneers have been called from Veneto and Friuli, with the promise of a house and ten hectares of land to farm.

The project of the city was studied according to the principles of rationalist architecture by Oriolo Frezzotti, who created works that were absolute novelty and attracted worldwide attention.

The city today, 120000 inhabitants, surrounded on one side by the Lepini mountains, and by coastal lakes and

the sea on the other, opens its doors to one of the most important italian parks, the National Park of Circeo.

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