Children of the Jungle, children of the World

Gabriela Zoldova

2019 - Ongoing


Of all people I have met on my travels, it is undoubtedly the children that leave the most profound impression on me. The boys on the photos, although photographed in the Cusco region of Peru, represent the indigenous people of the Amazon jungle. All over the world children are gathering to send an important message to those in power: we all need to take part in order to save the planet Earth for us and the future generations. With the Amazon forest on fire for several weeks now and the rate at which we keep destroying the nature, we all need to contribute to protect our children' dreams. Another powerful message these photos send is the importance of cultural diversity and the need for us to preserve local tribes, their traditions and way of living. We can all learn a lot from each other, and it is together that we can make a real difference for us and the children of the world - our future.

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