Gøneja ✷

2019 - Ongoing

Berlin, Germany

"Rituals" is a new body of work of photographic portraits, nudes and landscape, which I’m currently developing.

The portraits and nudes explore few subjects I am closely acquainted with, through some thematic that have resonated with their spiritual lives - namely: sufism, childhood solitude, reptile nature, nihilism, opioid intoxication and viking mythology. Keeping a focus on the human character, these elements appear either as a central part of the photograph, as a narrative or as rather-hidden symbols.

The title refers to the approach employed during photographic sessions with my subjects: where an enclosed hermetic space is created for them to reveal something personal about them and for my camera to observe it and capture it. It also refers to the spiritually-charged nature of what my subjects brought with them in front of the lenses: those invisible forces that shaped them or guide and act upon their lives.

"Rituals" will be published in September 2020 as 108-page photographic book with text extracts from the subjects photographed and a philosophical essay from an invited writer.

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