Mixedness is my Mythology (work title)

Farren van Wyk

2020 - Ongoing


The brothers Alexander (19), Marck-Anthony (15) and Benjamin (11) are in transition. In and out of forming their identity. In and out of expressing it through their personality. From the normal life that they lived before the pandemic to a new normal.

In the past few years their sister Farren (27) has been doing projects about the aftermath of apartheid in colored communities in South Africa. It is her country of birth and the community that she was born into, which makes the body of work a personal quest for identity. Her brothers were born in The Netherlands and she saw how conscious they are of their mixed heritage.

On the farm wel call home, the genes of our South-African mother meets those of our Dutch father with love. I describe the forming, shifting and shaping of my brothers identities as something that is happening or rather dancing in the ‘grey’ area. Black and white are mostly represented as huge contrasts that, when mixed, form shades of grey. This grey area has no limits, referring to the endless possibilities of ones identity becoming tangible in ones personality. In a symbolic manner, my South African mother represents blackness and my Dutch father representing whiteness. Us, their children, are dancing in the grey area that consists of music, family, hair, sports, culture, clothes, everything else and each other.

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  • Alexander's Braids

  • Alexander

  • Alexander & Marck-Anthony

  • Alexander & Marck-Anthony

  • Marck-Anthony's Waves

  • Benjamin

  • Marck-Anthony & Dad

  • Alexander, Farren, Marck-Anthony & Benjamin

  • Farren & Dad

  • Marck-Anthony's Durag

  • Alexander & Dad

  • Farren's Birth of Oshun

  • Farren's Birth of Oshun

  • Benjamin

  • Mother, Alexander, Marck-Anthony & Benjamin

  • Marck-Anthony's Curls

  • Farren

  • Our Anthropological Golden Age

  • Alexander

  • Farren's Curls