Francesca Todde


As a migration, as a herd on the way, as a flight of swallows, TransHumance is a journey that traces the territory as a drawing; it is a poem sang by men to other natural species. It talks about the union in finding again the relationships we’ve lost, overcoming the territorial and individual boundaries that separate us. The migration as a natural event, the transhumance as a cultural event, the journey as a poetic and political choice.

In this historical period, all around the world we assist to the development of movements of rewilding that try to change our vision of the human role in the ecosystem. Transhumance aims at a spiritual revision of our relationship with animals, revokes our more archaic instincts and appeals to the inherent need of interdependence between living beings. It reminds us of the long cultural history that we shared with animals: from cave paintings to the shape of the constellations, men always looked for images showing the relationship between himself and other inhabitants of the planet.

Imagined by Théâtre du Centaure in Marseille, this utopian travel is not concluded. The images here presented narrate the adventure of two years, in France (2013) for Marseille-Provence Capital of European Culture, and in Italy (2015) in collaboration with some of the associations of the Maremma’s cowherds. New paths will take place in other European countries in 2017 and 2018, in order to bring together, passing through it, the entire Mediterranean area.

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