About Francesca


Francesca Anichini was born and lives in her beloved Florence.

Her first camera was a Polaroid and she spent her adolescence among the alchemies of her small darkroom.

She cultivates many passions: painting, restoration of works of ancient and contemporary art. She also collaborated in the production of advertising and music videos.

But she returns to her first love when she decides to dedicate herself professionally to photography.

She works as a photographer throughout whole Italy, as well as in Europe and several other countries, as an editorial photographer, commercial photographer and as a photojournalist.

Her research moves between imagination of reality, reconstruction, mystification, assembly, invention, imitation ...

The fulcrum is the intimate barter , established between photographer and observer through the image, which leads us to see the beyond the visible.

Her works in interiors, art and design, food and travel are published in numerous international trade magazines.

Age 57
Nationality Italian
Born in Florence, Italy
Based in Italy
Languages spoken English, French, Italian
Specialisations Portrait, Editorial, Travel

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Current Location: Florence, Italy