You are there to replace me

Francesca Magistro

1979 - Ongoing

Ci sei tu qui a sostituirmi*

This is a Project about Photography, Memory and Identity and explores the themes concerning the dynamic construction of memory.

What do we choose to remember and how do we reinforce it? Who are we in relationship to who we were?

Working with a letter my mother sent to me when I was 11 and a collection of images accumulated throughout my life, I try to reinvestigated the images and their interrelationship with one another. I try to imagine to introduce my own family to my grandmother if she only could live again. I digest my relationship with my mother as she was as old as me now, as she wrote that letter.

Waiting for the doctors’ response of my grandmother operation being diagnosed with a brain cancer, my mother writes about responsibility, love and fear. As my Grandmother took care of me since I was born, I became her natural speaker. Is a letter about becoming adult or even old and what all this concern having

a family. Being a child I couldn’t understand a word, so I’m try ing to do it now.

*You are there to replace me

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