Wild in the streets

Julie Grace Immink

2016 - 2017

California, United States

Street images from my chance encounters in the City of Angels

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  • A man with a bass at the Martin Luther King Day Parade

  • A young boy in front of a low rider car

  • My dad eating at the counter of a diner.

  • A man sitting in a low rider car

  • A woman named Elektra who lives on skid row in downtown Los Angeles.

  • A woman named Chocolate who lives on skid row in downtown Los Angeles

  • Billy a body builder at Muscle Beach.

  • A woman smoking a cigarette.

  • A man in a cowboy hat waiting for the bus

  • An advertisement for a topless made service.

  • People riding the escalator without pants in Union Station.

  • A couple living out of their car.

  • Women waiting for the bus in front of a strip club.

  • A street vendor selling pornographic videos on skid row

  • A street performer on Hollywood Blvd

  • A woman with pink and yellow braided hair in Watts, CA

  • Kids playing with toy guns at a swap meet in LA

  • A woman with an arm full of bracelets.

  • A man wearing a cross in front of a religious shop.

  • A couple cruisin the strip at Elysian Park.