Julie Grace Immink

2001 - Ongoing

United States

WAITING FOR THE SUN is a small collection of images from twenty years of my photographic journey. The photographs of human settlement are saturated with thoughts on life, death, faith and community.

Exploring the streets is how I connect to my surrounding world. My lens has given me an excuse to be somewhere I otherwise do not belong. I never felt accepted in the world but my camera allows me to become an insider, if only for a moment. Creating photographs connects me to known and unfamiliar worlds. While simultaneously connecting the viewers of the work to the subject matter. Thus, inadvertently creating a community. Photographer to subject, subject to viewer and around again linking the viewer back to photographer. Photographs connect people that were strangers buy now they have a sense of knowing one another. This magical connection inspires me to create still images with a purpose.

Those connections are as important to me as the actual photographs. My still imagery is raw, whimsical, unusual, provocative, and humanistic. Lifes procession is a strange one and photography allows me to make sense of it. I gain inspiration from anything old and broken because I believe in healing and restoration.

"This is the strangest life I have ever known" [SCREAM] -The Doors

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  • Angie & Honey in their home

  • Gary in his kitchen

  • Billy flexing at Muscle Beach, CA

  • Waiting room of a church

  • Family with their chicken and dog

  • Woman doing the dead mans float

  • The wallpaper in my fathers house

  • Woman with a ventriloquist dummy

  • Woman saying a prayer

  • Joey Dice in a diner

  • Man with two flags

  • Woman in front of her house on skid row

  • Man in front of religious shop

  • Magic Beads in a religous shop

  • Gypsies eating sugar cane

  • Women waiting for a bus

  • Father and daughter waiting for a bus

  • Couple sunbathing

  • Woman with bracelets

  • Interior of a bedroom