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Table for One

Fred Mungo

2019 - Ongoing

City of London, England, United Kingdom

Table for One is a visual sociological research on the practice of eating alone.

It focuses, in particular, on people aged 20-25 living in London as non-natives and, indeed it can be considered as a visual dialogue on this specific eating practice in relation to issues such as home making, isolation, adaptation.Through this body of work, I visually explore these themes, trying to make sense of what eating practices can describe of our relationship with, in particular, migrating to a foreign country.

This project has been, firstly, a useful introspective exercise, which led me to investigate my own personal history relating it, through photography, to academic sources and to other people's experience. The outcome produced aims, in reverse, to inspire the viewer to think more consciously about the nature of eating practices, and how much they influence our life. I hope it can serve as a tool to ponder on aspects of our personality, aspirations, and fears, in order to, hopefully, better rule over them. As Susan Bright said: “Food - and how it’s photographed - defines how we live and how we value ourselves, and, at it’s very best, connects us to our dreams and desires” (p.22, 2017).

At present, the project resulted in a series of images an a video, but it is still ongoing.

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