Florence Iff

2022 - Ongoing

Given the predicament nature is in and the political unwillingness to change anything about it in a timely manner, I keep feeling powerless and helpless, falling into fears about the future, standing on the precipice, wondering what I can hold onto, what I can do, how I can contribute in a meaningful way. In addition, the Corona crisis has isolated us. The forest has been my oasis for the past two years, where I have been able to gain energy and a zest for life and observe how life defies circumstance. In the smallest of things, I see the connection of diverse organisms and tiny creatures, pick up every sound and the smell of plants, fungi and bacteria.

I lie down on the forest floor and smell moss and lichen and feel life around and below me. Among these most primal organisms I feel safe and at home. Without them no life would have come into being, thanks to them I am here.

I collect all this beauty that amazes me and create in the studio an ideal world for a picture. Technical means allow a glimpse into the wonders, the infinite diversity, uniqueness and beauty of life.

It helps me to feel connected to all living things, however small and invisible; to be at home.

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