Fethi Sahraoui

2016 - Ongoing

Relizane, Algeria

As nearly everywhere in the world football is Algeria's most popular sport,once in two weeks when the local football club plays his game at home people from all age categories mostly young rush to the stadium and gathered beside his gates,scenes of chaos are frequent that day especially during derby matches,persons of less than 18 years makes a majority of the spectators the main reason can be the lack of places of entertainment.

According to the Algerian law people who are under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the stadium without a guardian,in reality it is not the case,a boy of 14 years old can buy himself a ticket and enter the stadium without any control predisposing himself to many dangers.

When you give a deep look to those children you will understand that they are not here for football,the stadium is just a loophole permitting to them to escape from the pressure of society.

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  • Young supporter reacting to an action during a match.

  • Supporter singing chants for their local football club.

  • Half-time.

  • Two men discussing in a stadium.

  • An empty ticket office during a football match.

  • A scene from the stadium before the beginning of the match.

  • A young boy begging for money to buy a ticket,the price of a ticket is around 2$.

  • Teared tickets and riots police.

  • A man doing his prayers.

  • A young supporter on wall with his TN sneakers which are very popular among children of his generation.

  • After the stadium was packed,supporters waiting in the outside.

  • A riot policeman threatening supporters with his stick.

  • Supporters from all age categories escaping riots police after a missed try to jump the wall of the stadium.

  • A recipient in a ticket office.

  • Young children buying tickets in early morning to avoid the rush hours before the match.