Visa Pour L'image International Festival of Photojournalism

Each year, a selection of the best stories from around the world is shown in Perpignan.


Visa pour l’Image offers a broad view of the world, and every year the medieval city of Perpignan becomes an international hub for photojournalists. Meetings with the photographers, exhibitions, round tables, conferences, screenings, award presentations, portfolio reviews and educational programs are part of the 35th edition of the festival, an event in which the world’s most important stories and those responsible for telling them are brought together and celebrated.

As always, the historic sites of the city will showcase the work of photographers selected by the director of the festival, Jean-François Leroy. In the evening, Campo Santo is the grand venue for the open-air screenings. The full program of exhibitions and events free of charge.

The festival provides a space for awareness-raising through discussions on a range of relevant subjects: journalism, the right to be photographed i.e. the “right of personal portrayal,” genuine not “fake” news, and democracy as a living, dynamic force.

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