PhotoVogue Festival 2023

  • Opens
    16 Nov 2023
  • Ends
    19 Nov 2023
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  • Location Milan, Italy

Directed by Alessia Glaviano the 8th edition explores the theme What Makes Us Human? Image in the Age of A.I. with talks and exhibitions at BASE and collateral events across the city of Milan, Italy


Celebrating the seamless union of ethics and aesthetics, PhotoVogue Festival addresses the staggering development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the anthropological revolution that it is already bringing about, perhaps comparable to the invention of the wheel or the emergence of alphabetic writing.

From November 16 to 19, BASE Milano will host a cycle of conferences, but also exhibitions, on site or in galleries in the city, and screenings - including the shortlisted projects of the PhMuseum 2023 Women Photographers Grant - which the public can attend free of charge. The festival proposes a well-structured programme of talks with experts at the forefront of this revolution, with particular attention to the pressing ethical and aesthetic issues raised by the development of AI in relation to the creation of images. The three-days symposium will address the A.I. revolution’s critical facets, from its legal implications to its artistic potential, from copyright to bias, from ethics to fact-checking, but they will also talk about how photojournalism and the art scenario will change in the coming years. Between the leading figures involved there will be Fred Ritchin, Refik Anadol, Filippo Venturi, Zahra Rasool, Ferdinando Verderi, Charlie Engman.

As for the exhibitions there will be a prevalence of works created by human intelligence. Regarding AI-generated contents, meanwhile, the intention is to show contributions that suggest a virtuous use of this technology. Seven are the must-see shows highlighting the labile border that divides real and virtual where the beauty ideals and stereotypes to which many of us are still slaves will emerge: Uncanny Atlas, Eternal Loops, What is Beauty, What Is Beauty/A.I., Spanish Women, CondéFuture and EyeMama.

In particular, Uncanny Atlas: Image in the age of A.I. it will be an overview of different types of projects: such as Exhibit-A-i, a project developed to create images born from the narratives of refugees seeking asylum in Australia, from which a use of A.I. emerges. almost documentary. Eternal Loops, curated by Alejandro Cartagena and Fellowship - a platform representing artists who combine A.I. with video production - will present video art works produced with this innovative technology with the aim of offering the public as many tools as possible to reflect on the different uses of artificial intelligence and the numerous meanings that can derive from it.


The PhotoVogue Festival is a project directed by Alessia Glaviano (Head of Global PhotoVogue) in which Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Editor, Writer and Curator), Daniel Rodríguez Gordillo (Content Operations & Strategy Manager, Condé Nast), Caterina De Biasio (Visual Editor, PhotoVogue) and Francesca Marani (Senior Photo Editor, Vogue Italia) collaborate.