InCadaqués Festival 2023

  • Opens
    5 Oct 2023
  • Ends
    10 Oct 2023
  • Founded
  • Link
  • Location Cadaqués

With an intimate and festive atmosphere, the International InCadaqués photography festival is a celebration of photography, fostering an environment of discovery, connection, and artistic exchange.


The 7th edition of the International InCadaqués Photography Festival provides a platform for both established and emerging photographers to showcase their work and invites visitors to immerse themselves in a rich and engaging photographic experience. Throughout the festival, attendees have the opportunity to engage with photographers and collectors, exploring their portfolios, prints, books, and projects.

Activities include 25 exhibitions, workshops, masterclasses and projections. InCadaqués supports emerging artists to showcase their work, and brings inspiring contemporary and historic photographers to Cadaqués, contributing to the photography art scene in Spain.

© Paul Cupido

© Paul Cupido

InCadaqués Festival 2023

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