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Fernando Montiel Klint (Ciudad de México, 1978).

Born in Mexico city1978, studied photography at Escuela Activa de Fotografía and Centro de la Imagen.

His work is part of the collections like Museum of Art Guangdong, in China; Kenyérgyár Siofok 320, in Hungary; Museum of photographic arts SD MOPA, in U.S.A; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, in Chile; Maison Européenne de la Photographie, in France; Collection BanRegio, in Mexico; Nave K, in Spain; Fototeca Nacional, in Mexico; Museo de Arte Moderno de Aguascalientes, in México; Pinacoteca de Concepción, in Chile; The collection Wittliff Texas State University, en U.S.A; Colección Televisa, in Mexico; Colección Les Recontres dÁrles, en France and in the Collection Fototeca Latinoaméricana, FOLA, in Argentina.

Recently obtain the First prize, win the prize of acquisition at the Tercer concurso de Fotografía Contemporánea México and participate on the Biennial Photoquai at Quai Branly museum, in Paris, Francia, 2015 and on the Dong Gang Photo Festival, in Corea, 2016.

His work has shown individually internationally, some places are: Les Recontres dÁrles (2011), in Francia; at the Galería Chile Arte (2014), in Chile; in Ra Gallery, Kiev (2012), in Ucrania; Actos de Fe in PH 11 (2011), in Spain; No Escape, at the San Antonio Museum of Art (2010), in U.S.A; Fotoencuentros 08 (2008), in Spain; Nirvana, in the Museo Archivo de la Fotografía (2008), in Mexico; Nirvana, in Cero Galería (2008), in Bogotá, Colombia; Nirvana (2007), at the Fototeca Nacional de Mexico; Tiempos Modernos (2007), en el Centro de la Imagen en México (2005).

His work participate on Collective exhibitions like: Point Counterpoint, MOPA (2017); Develate and Detonate, Mint Museum, Charlotte (2017); Ouroboros a Mexican Cycle, Pingyao China, curate by Alasdair Foster (2014); Develar y Detonar, Fotografía Mexicana, in Spain and Mexico (2015); A Process, Galeria Höhmannhaus, in Augsburg, Germany (2015); Posible Worlds at the Art Museum of the Americas (2015); 45 Mexican Photographers, Hubei Art Museum, China (2008); The Case of the 45 Mexican Photographers, Guandong Museum of Art, China (2007). Has selected at the XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, Bienales de fotografía del Centro de la Imagen en México de 2004 a 2015.

First prize at Tercer Concurso de Fotografía Contemporánea México 2017, with the proyecto Distopía (Aquisition Prize);

First prize at Premio Omnilife, 2004 (Aquisition Prize); First prize at the contest organize by ID magazine 2005 with the Reforma Newspaper, Mexico; Aquisition Prize at XXXII Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven 2006,in México and Honorable Mention at XXXIII Encuentro Nacional de Arte Joven México 2005; Honorable Mention at XII y XVI Bienal de fotografía Mexico.

Receive the grant of Jóvenes Creadores, FONCA (2005) y Coinversiones del FONCA (2006).

Photo on the Stopmotion short movie La Última Cena. 2015

Has given workshops in Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.

He is co- director Klint and Photo.

Actually is tutor at FONCA Jovenes Creadores and Member of the National System of Creators.


Age 41
Nationality Mexican
Based in Mexico
Languages spoken English, Spanish
Specialisations Portrait, Landscape, Contemporary Issues

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