The Land That Remains - Photographs from Palestine

Federico Busonero

2009 - Ongoing

The Land That Remains - Photographs from Palestine is a photographic study commissioned by UNESCO to ‘document culturally significant sites in occupied Palestine with neutrality’.

The photographs stare into territory rarely seen, a Palestine that is personal, poetic, and painful.

Federico Busonero

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  • Christmas decorations on the roof top of the Peace Center, Bethlehem, Palestine.

  • Palestinian in front of her house, Al-Nu’man, Palestine.

  • Courtyard, Raba, Palestine.

  • Soap factory, Nablus, Palestine.

  • Palestinian waiting at the crossroads of Route 60 with the road to Sanur, Palestine.

  • Wasteland cemetery, Al-Jiftlik, Palestine.

  • Manuscripts surround a Mamluk tomb, Al-Aqsa Centre for Restoration of Islamic Manuscripts, Al-Haram Al-Shareef, Jerusalem, Palestine.

  • Shepherd’s home and livestock on the edge of Har Homa, an Israeli settlement north of Bethlehem, Palestine.

  • Olive trunks chained to the Peace Center, Bethlehem, Palestine.

  • A horse tied to a utility pole stands by the road to Iskaka, Palestine.

  • Trailer, south of Taybeh, Palestine.

  • Tourist cable cars travel above the oldest archaelogical site of Jericho, Tell Es-Sultan, Palestine. The cable cars connect Jericho with the Mount of Temptation.

  • Urban development, Jericho, Palestine.

  • Wrecked car in Wadi Qelt, Israeli settlement above, Palestine.

  • Map of Mashriq, Boys & Girls School of Sabastiya, Palestine.