88 Pieces

Federico Paladino

2017 - 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

On December 18th, 2017 the National Congress of Argentina opened a session to aprove a law that reduces the retirement pension budget significantly. Many people joined together to protest against the resolution and the excessive police clampdowns of previous days. A number of protesters destroyed tiles and benches in the Plaza de los Congresos and threw the broken pieces at the police officers who surrounded the Congress. That night I collected some of rubble that the protestors threw that afternoon before the area was cleared of the debris. I created a book composed of photographs of 88 pieces followed by the estimated information of time, GPS localization of the moment that were thrown.

I'm interested on create a different forensic approach to this event using a real piece of evidence and show a number of debris as sculptures of fossils. The stone was our primary terrotory, a shelter space, a tool and a weapon for claiming. Also it was a surface for drawing and writing, we turned it into a fundamental resource of human memory.

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