Migrant Soul

Federico Scarchilli

2018 - Ongoing

Migrant Soul is a photographic project that has as its subject the spaces of religious minorities in the territory of Rome. After the Catholic Church which holds 74.4% of the total population, the remaining 25.6% is divided among the various religious movements.

Therefore, my work aims to give an identity to this percentage by taking a picture of the space of each culture.

The areas I photographed are those used for the rites; the architecture plays the role of gathering a community and transmitting its cult, every picture, in fact, if carefully observed, reveals different details of the various beliefs. Sitting, standing, books, altars, overflowing or emptiness; each religion has its own essence, shape, color and uniqueness. Some of them has a stronger economy that permits to build very important structures, while other has got more elementary buildings.

My project wants to bring the attention on these differences and making understand the viewer of the spectacular religious diversity which is present in the city of Rome.

So photography becomes the tool for unify all these cultures in a unique one. In addition the work revolves around central perspective: this is because in every church or temple center is the most important place of the structure.

Migrant Soul gives me a 360 degree view on the contemporary religious scene, highlighting realities that very often are left out, after all I think that the civilisation of a country can be judged based on its dialogue with other religions; because as Gandhi says “God has no religion”.

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  • Mosque of Rome - Islam (Rome)

  • Synagogue of Rome - Hebraism (Rome)

  • Lutheran Evangelical Church - Lutheranism (Rome)

  • St. Paul Within the Walls - Anglicanism (Rome)

  • Church of San Teodoro al Palatino - Greek Orthodox (Rome)

  • Santacittarama - Theravada Buddhism (Rieti)

  • Gurudwara SinghSaba Pontinia - Sikhism (Latina)

  • Union of Atheists and Agnostics Rationalists (Rome)

  • Church of Santa Caterina - Russian Orthodox (Rome)

  • Church of Santo Stefano - Romenian Orthodox (Rome)

  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Mormonism (Rome)

  • Hare Krishna Center- Hinduism (Rome)

  • Ba’hai Center- Bahism (Rome)

  • Tibetan Monsastery - Tibetan Buddhism (Latina)