Sorry. I just came here to feel good.

Federica Belli

2017 - Ongoing


There is a certain discomfort in growing up as a supposedly privileged child who has no idea about having such a favorable position. Uneasiness and boredom clash with guilt for having such feelings.

Just like the children in this project, I grew up in the Italian countryside. Specifically, in an area which used to be flourishing nad expanding, allowing the middle class to become more and more wealthy. As the main factories there had to close down, most of the liveliness of the place vanished in no more than 10 years.

The current scenario has children grow up among grown ups who still glorify tradition and roots, bringing them in a weird mental space: they feel like they should feel blessed, still the monotonous life they put up with in the middle of nowhere leaves them craving for more. Asking for stimuli from the outside.

The project is an attempt to capture such a feeling in children, who end up living their childhood in a sort of resigned apathy.

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