The end of night

Fatima Abreu Ferreira

2018 - Ongoing

United Kingdom

They tell us bravery is rewarded, that we should have faith, that if we keep moving forward, everything will turn out fine.

But what if they are wrong?

What if, after taking that leap of faith, you wake up to find yourself in absolute darkness? A blind senseless body, trying to adjust itself to the black, with no sense of past or dream of a future to use as a beacon.

What if you had lost yourself when you jumped, and while fighting to see yourself again, the boundaries of your skin disappeared, and you started to believe that you were the dark?

The end of night is born from the darkness the photographer found when she moved to the United Kingdom. A stranger, with the ripped strings of her past weighing heavy behind, no roots. No light. No way forward. Away from her family, in a unknown place, so much different from the calmness of the Portuguese small city of Esposende, where she had grown up, Fatima gradually immersed herself into nature as a refuge, bearing witness to the wilderness, life cycles and harnessing the energy that came from them.

The project, in a surreal language, dramatizes the descend into this darkness, the abandonment of all she knew and was, and the gradual process of her transformation through her immersion with nature and the dawn she finally found in love.

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