About Fatima


Fatima Abreu Ferreira is a Portuguese photographer, born in Guarda, Portugal, in 1983. In 1988 she moved to the north of the country and became a psychologist. In 2017 Fatima abandoned psychology to work and study photography.

Fatima is mainly a self-taught photographer but has always developed training and workshops with her main influences such as Anders Petersen, Jacob Aue Sobol, Antoine DĀ“Agata and Sohrab Hura.

In 2018 she completed the Artistic Photography Master at IPCI and started an independent publishing house called Red String.

She is currently based in London and her body of work has a strong humanistic view as a way of approaching life in both public and private contexts and her aesthetics has an alternative approach, with strong colours and deep black and white providing an intense, visceral and dramatic view of the subject.

Age 36
Nationality Portuguese
Born in Portugal
Based in City of London, United Kingdom
Languages spoken English, Portuguese
Specialisations Documentary

Other Networks

Current Location: City of London, United Kingdom



Wet eyes, High hearts